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The Importance of SEO for your Website   Many a times you keep on hearing that a website can completely transform your business. Promoting your website is important for a business but how exactly does it have the power to transform growth?   A marketer spends huge amounts in designing and hosting a website and on its domain name. Not only this, one has to nurture and maintain the website by sufficing it with the latest and informative content. But can a website be profitable if it is not properly marketed?   There are hundreds, and even thousands of marketers selling the same products and services. Then how to make sure that the probable customers are attracted to your website? SEO is a tool that makes sure that your website gets found in the search results and gets the desired number of hits.   What is SEO?   Search engine optimisation  is a technique of evaluating and creating web pages and sites with an aim of making them discoverable and indexed by various search engines and if you are looking for expert seo in Perth look no further than Two Moons Marketing.   Even if you have written an impeccable content on your website, that does not ensure that users will be attracted towards it. What is the point of writing a content when the major search engines are unable to index it? This strategy makes your content more relevant, more attractive and easily readable by search engines and their indexing and crawling software.   Many a times it happens that the traffic to your website is low and in worse cases, customers are not even aware about the existence of your website. Search Engine Optimisation is the main tool to get more traffic on your website. The main purpose  is to get more traffic from different sources and to get repetitive visitors. Optimisation of a website is critical to get traffic and sustain the level over the major search engines.   It is crucial that a website maintains higher position on the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO helps in generating good traffic depending upon particular keywords eventually increasing your revenue. If you are a business owner in Western Australia, it is advisable to get professional Perth SEO experts to improve your ranking that will eventually increase traffic and sales. The End of SEO? Don’t You Believe It Since the latest updates of 20011 and 2012 with all the Google changes such as Panda and Penguin there has been a lot of talk by SEOs that perhaps traditional SEO is dead. I mean, who wants to sit on page 5 of the search results? Let’s face it: nobody looks there. But some tips are still relevant today and there are some new factors to take into account:   Keywords Still Matter : Latent Semantic Intelligence   The things that haven't changed with Google are keywords and backlinks from authority websites. Both of these are still important though Google is becoming more intuitive, so if you're searching for keywords you may also want to search on a variety of terms for one keyword as Google is now much more intuitive in its semantic algorithm: search for “botox” and get returned results for “anti wrinkle treatments”. Another example, the term "mobile phone" is also cell phone, iPhone, Droid, etc. Content has always been king but now even more so However, generating content it's often not an easy process. The payoff however, is huge. Consider this: you wouldn't want to share anything that wasn't helpful, right? Why would you expect your readers to be any different? So incentivize your readers by offering them content they can't wait to share. There are a few places you can go to get inspiration for your writing: http://ubersuggest.org/ Google alerts Google suggest Twitter trends and other social media Interaction is the new citation Make sure that you create a buzz by putting your content out onto social media and update regularly. Good places to start to build an audience are:   google + twitter facebook